Friday, May 30, 2014

Sometimes, all a person ever wants is to get through the day without another soul judging them for their choices, for the things they like, for the way they are.  It's so normal for most of us that we usually take it for granted, but for this one person, if they could come home at night, lay down their bed and go straight to sleep, skipping the overthinking or crying their eyes out part for once, it means the world has granted them one wish, the one they beg for in their prayers at night. For them, it could mean the world. 

People always remind us to be kind, to smile at a stranger because that might just be what they need to live another day, to spare one kind word for our troubled friends, because they need to know that someone still cares, but sometimes, you don't have to do or say a thing to make someone's day. Sometimes, they just need you to go out of your way not to make them feel like a walking mistake. Because feeling like the world would be a better world without you....well, that thought kills.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

There are things from our past that will keep haunting us with each step, eachcarefully calculated breath.

There are things we have done that will never be gone despite all the suffering we have already endured to make sure the consequences are over with.

There are words we have said that will echo in our heads until we hear nothing but the nagging tone of our past and future mistakes.

There will be times when there will be nothing we can do about these things but to keep our feet firm on the ground, marching on, enduring every fall. 

Some days will be better than others.

But when there's somewhere you want to go, or something you want to do, or someone you want to be, then nothing should be able to stop you.

Keep moving. It can always get better.